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Why should you use WordPress for your website? What are the pros and cons of using WordPress websites?

WordPress is a development platform used to create and build websites with limited skills required in programming or coding. It is a free Content Management System (CMS) that is considered easy to use. It allows us to build custom websites to suit your brand and business needs.

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What is a WordPress Website?

WordPress is the most widely used CMS system, accounting for over 65% of the CMS market. One of its key features is the ability to integrate plugin ‘add-ons’ that add functions to transform the site into exactly what you need.

People often want a WordPress site as the development time (cost) is significantly less than more ‘programmer-centric’ websites or they want to manage their website content themselves once the site has been developed.

What are the Pros of using WordPress to build a website?

We use WordPress as it’s the number #1 CMS in website development globally. We believe it has the perfect balance between easy-to-use and advanced features.

As it doesn’t require advanced programming or coding, it allows us to build custom designs tailored to suit your business. This enables clients to still manage updates and new content whilst reducing the costs of maintenance. As it is the most widely used CMS, there are many free integrations we can use to elevate our sites.

With the ability to add many integrations, it allows us to build a broad range of site types including eCommerce stores, membership, and accommodation.

Without the need for programming, it also allows us to teach our clients how to update and maintain websites for themselves,

Custom-built websites
Doesn’t require programming or coding
Most widely used CMS
Many integrations available
Clients can make changes and updates

What are the Cons of using WordPress to build a website?

Previously the main issue with WordPress is its security. This was because hackers would seek out and exploit weaknesses in 3rd party plugins and websites not regularly updated. To prevent this from happening, we utilise various security integrations to help make our sites safe and protect our clients, especially those with an eCommerce and membership database. Click here to view more on why you need security.

Whilst there are many useful free integrations, we often need to utilise paid options to provide our clients with the customisation they need. Using these 3rd party paid options generally gives us access to support which is very useful for both us and our clients.

WordPress also requires regular updates to ensure there are no issues with the CMS or its integrations. We are able to show our clients how to do this themselves, or we offer maintenance plans to ensure your site is running smoothly.

Not all plugins are safe
Requires additional security features
Requires regular updates
Regularly targeted by hackers to insert malware

I want to use WordPress, can you help me?

We use WordPress to build all of our sites, and you can click here to view our portfolio. If you are interested in building a new site, redeveloping an old site, or even just adjusting an existing site to be up to date, we can help you.

Visit our contact page and fill out the form to discuss the best options for your brand.

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