Web Speed

How do I make my site faster? Why is web speed so important?

About Web Speed

Web speed refers to how quickly your site will load when visited by a user. It can be frustrating for users when the site takes too long to load, so having a fast site can boost a positive user experience. Google also analyses your site speed as part of its rank score.

Why should my site be fast?

One goal of your website should be to utilise a positive user experience. When a potential customer visits your site, having a fast web speed can help to associate your brand with a positive reaction. Most users have had the frustrating experience of waiting for a site to load, so ensuring this doesn’t happen can make a big difference.

Improves User Experience
Keeps Users Happy
Helps your Google ranking

My site is running slowly, what can I do to fix it?

There are several things that can slow web speed down. This can include the theme the site was built on, size of images and files included on the site, as well as the speed of your web host. You can find more about web hosting here.

We use various online tools to review your website speed and determine what changes need to be made. Ask us to provide you with a speed test score and how we could assist you to obtain a faster website.

Site speed is measured at both desktop and mobile display sizes as it can vary considerably depending on a number of factors. For example our site scores a 93/100 on desktop and 81/100 on mobiles.

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