Google Analytics

What is Google Analytics? How does it help your site?

About Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a service offered by Google to report website traffic. It tracks information about websites such as the number of visits it gets. This is collected and sorted into tangible information explaining the site’s performance based on user engagement.

Why do I need Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a great tool for tracking the engagement and performance of your website. It is a free to use and can give a fairly accurate representation of how many users are visiting your site and what they are viewing. It also provides information on what you could be doing to improve your site.

Analytics is vital when measuring your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) performance and determining where improvements can be made.

If you wish to set up Google Analytics for your site, please contact us to discuss the best option for you.

Tracks Website Visits
Free to Use
SEO/SEM Performance

Why is Google Analytics useful for eCommerce sites?

The service allows you to view ‘events’ such as site visits, form submissions, user engagement and scrolling. You are also able to view which pages are performing best on your website by seeing the number of views per page and how they were accessed by users (e.g. by search, entering the direct URL, or through social media).

This is particularly useful for eCommerce sites. The number of site visits can be compared to total sales to show how many users visiting the site actually buy a product or service. This useful information provides insight into what you should be utilising to turn a visitor into a customer.

Useful Marketing Tool
Compare Sales vs Site Visits
SEO/SEM Performance
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