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Reward Design has been providing the Riverland with website design and website development for over 15 years. From our Unley office we provide expert services to clients in Riverland region.

Our website design Riverland clients include Regional Development Australia, LGA and primary producers in the domestic and international markets.

Located conveniently in Unley our business provides a large variety of website services and expertise to the diverse business in the Riverland area. We specialise in website design and development services, customizing our offerings to meet your specific needs. We will collaborate closely with you to create and develop a website that places a strong emphasis on enhancing user experience while seamlessly aligning with your business objectives and aspirations.

If you are interested in our web development services, please contact us to see discuss your project and see our full website portfolio.

Attract clients to your Riverland Business with a custom-designed website

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Fruit Producer Website Design

Strategic web design…

We utilise strategic design in order to appeal to customers whilst also refleccting  the branding and goals of your business.

Our custom-designed websites will cater to your target audience as we work closely with you throughout the design process.

Web Development Features

Riverland Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Responsive Design

We offer SEO services and advice to reach your desired market through search engines. It is also important that your site is responsive for all device screen sizes. Each site we create is suitable for desktop, tablet, and mobile.


Need help or advice on SEO? We can help to boost your site’s google ranking to reach your target audience. If you want more from your SEO, we can refer you to expert digital marketers who work with us to further increase your reach.

Responsive = suitable for different screen sizes

We design and develop your site with responsiveness in mind. This is where the content of your website page reconfigures and will be suited to all popular screen sizes.

With our design your site will work and look great on everything from a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or a big desktop computer.

Website Design and Build / Renovations

We are able to custom-build and design a brand new site for your business. This may be based on an old site or a complete brand refresh. We are also able to renovate/refresh an existing site.

Custom-built website

We create custom-built sites and use strategic design to engage with your audience. We will work closely with you throughout the process to ensure the site is reflecting your brand’s objectives and requirements.

Website Renovations

If you already have a site that needs updates, re-designing, or new features, we can create a new site that showcases your updated vision.

Maintenance & Security

We will ensure your site is set up safely and securely. We can offer maintenance plans that will ensure the site is consistently up to date for general maintenance and security purposes.

Maintenance Plans

Our website maintenance plans allow us to regularly check on your site and update the necessary features. This will also ensure that the site’s secuirty is up to date. If you are interested in setting up a maintenance plan, please contact us to discuss the best option for your site.

Secure Set-up

Website security is important as you don’t want your brand damaged by a hacked site sending out malware or worse. There are a number of options available which we can guide you through that suit your requirements.

eCommerce and Member Wesbites

Need a new eCommerce site? Want a Member access site? We can help to create a site that suits the needs of your business with custom designs and layouts.

Product and Store

Our eCommerce sites incorporate product and store pages which we can custom-design to suit the needs of your online business. Please contact us to discuss the best options for your store.

Member Log-in Site

Do you require a member access site? We build websites that create and manage membership access, with secure content relevant to membership access levels.

What our Riverland website design agency offers…

Design & Development
Build & Rebuild
Website Rennovations
Responsive Design
Search Engine Optimisation
Search Engine Marketing
Web & Email Hosting
Domain Registration
Search Engine Audits
Reverse Audits
Content Development
Content Management System
Content Self-Management Training
Website Design for Riverland Fruit Producer
Responsive website for Regional Development Australia Murraylands and Riverland

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Frequently Asked Questions…

Is WordPress the best platform to build my website in?

WordPress is an excellent platform for website development due to its user-friendliness, vast customization options, robust SEO capabilities, and extensive plugin support, ensuring a powerful and versatile online presence.

Should I really need to spend money on SEO

SEO benefits website development by improving visibility and organic traffic. However, its effectiveness varies depending on niche, competition, and goals, making it more valuable for some websites than others.

What skills are required to build an effective website

Creating a DIY website often requires a diverse skill set encompassing design, coding, content creation, SEO, and maintenance, which many people lack, leading to suboptimal results.

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