School – Graphic Design, Web Design, Advertisting and Marketing

There are a variety of promotional elements and publication documents we can create for school and educational institutions.

School Yearbooks

Yearbook design, custom layouts, cohesive branding & printer coordination + More


Newsletter design, consistent layouts for multiple issues & printer coordination + More

Marketing & Advertising

Marketing and advertising advice and materials + More

Billboards & Bus Shelter Signs

Billboards, bus shelter signs, banners + More

Providing professional school branding across various promotional materials.

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Mercedes College - The Mercy Way Book Cover

Publication Materials

We are able to create and develop a variety of publication documents for your school. We ensure that all material created reflects your branding and is cohesive with your school image. We make sure to consult with you throughout the creative process, to ensure your high standards are being maintained. We can even coordinate with the printer for all press arrangements.


We can provide yearbook designs and layouts to reflect your school image. By working with you throughout the creative process, we can ensure your school branding and values are reflected throughout the document.

Strategic Design

We utilise strategic design to ensure your school branding is used in a professional way throughout the yearbook.

Mercedes College School Yearbook 2021

Newsletters/ Marketing & Advertising

We can develop newsletters and other marketing and advertising material such as annual reports/performance reports to showcase your school image whilst also providing useful information.

Professional Appearance

With documents such as these, there is often there is an overload of information, so we ensure the document maintains a professional look whilst also being informative.

Mercedes College 2021 Annual School Performance Report

Billboards/Bus Shelter Signs

We can create promotional billboards or bus shelter signs to display your school’s image.

Reflect Your School Values

We ensure that your professional image and values are reflected. We will work with you throughout the process from consult to final design to make sure you are happy with the results.

Mercedes College Billboard Design for School Marketing

What our design agency offers for educational institutions…

Yearbook Development
Annual Reports
Old Scholar Material
Bus Shelter Signs
Internal Documents
Performance Reports
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