NECA Roadshow 2024

We developed the branding and theme of the 2024 Roadshow, which was implemented across a range of promotional materials and content for the presentations.

About the Roadshow

Each year, NECA takes part in an electrical roadshow that travels around the state, presenting important information to their members and other participants.

We developed the Roadshow’s 2024 theme, which was then applied across a variety of promotional materials for the event. This was also used for various handouts and flyers at each seminar.


We created a website for the Roadshow, that displays any important information about the event, along with an option to register and purchase tickets from Eventbrite. This simple one-page site can be adapted each year depending on the theme and style of their seminars.

The site also has a hidden webpage that can be accessed via one of the information brochures guests receive upon arrival to the event. After scanning the QR code on the flyer, guests have access to preview or download the PowerPoint slides.

Hidden page to access presentation materials

Registration Form & Flyer

Along with online registrations, we also created an interactive PDF registration form that users can fill out to attend the seminars.

We then developed a flyer to be handed out to guests upon their arrival. This includes a QR code guests can scan to access the presentation materials, along with a link to the website and sponsors of the event.

Matches other promotional materials

Social Media Tiles

To promote the event, we developed some promotional social media graphics that can be used across Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

These encourage guests to register their attendance for the event.

Clear, easy to recognise branding

Eventbrite & EDM Graphic

To continue the promotion of the event, we created a graphic that can be used across staff emails as a footer.

We also created a banner for the Eventbrite page where guests can register and purchase tickets.

Promotion of the event across all platforms
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