There are various tiers to ‘Marketing’ and the level which you require depending on your brief and budget. We can offer a variety of marketing services to suit the needs of your brand.

We use strategic marketing to convey your key features to your target audience.

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Digital Marketing - Facebook Ad Design

Digital Marketing world

Today’s marketing landscape is increasingly moving to digital content. Your audience is more likely to discover you digitally than through traditional mediums. Identifying how your target audience fits into and engages with digital content is essential for digital marketing success.

Marketing Services

Marketing Plan Development

Need to develop a new marketing plan and strategy? We can work with you to form a plan that will help push your business toward your target audience. We can also help push your current plan in the right direction.

What to do

Identifying what marketing to do is the first significant step. With a multitude of options we assist clients to determine what will likely work best for their clientel.

When, Where, How, What…

A plan (including contingencies) for rolling out what you chose to implement enables a measured approach, which optimises resources/budgets and helps determine which initiatives generated the best return on investment.

Digital Marketing / Search Engine Optimisation

We can create digital marketing strategies that work for you such as building a website tailored toward your corporate goals and vision. We work with you throughout the process, from consultation to the final result.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

You’ve probably heard of it but possibly not quite understood how search engine marketing can work to build your customer engagement. Social media, Google Ads, email marketing, blogging, and search/display advertising provide a myriad of ways to reach new and existing customers across a vast range of platforms, in a number of different ways.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation is crucial to ensure customers can find you online organically and not through a paid-for position. Unfortunately, there are fraudsters that make false promises to steer away from. Effective SEO is a continual process of working your way up the Google search results and then doing enough to stay there. Your competitors may be using similar tactics so it is important to utilise SEO.

Competitor Analysis

Understanding and analysing your competitors is a beneficial marketing tool for many businesses. We can help you understand where you sit in your target market.

Who are they?

Competitors will vary depending on your business and where your customers originate from. Are they local, regional, or online and how do they impact your business? Knowing who they are, helps when investigating their strengths and weaknesses compared to yours.

Strenghts / Weaknesses / Opportunities

Reviewing your competition enables you to understand where your business currently fits in the market. Plans can then be put in place to target opportunities for growth, correct shortcomings, and optimise your strengths.

Identify Market Opportunities

Need help finding the right market for your product or service? We can help to identify where your market opportunities may lie and what you could be doing to expand your target market.

New Clients

Building your customer base is key to growth. Having an understanding of who your ideal client is, enables you to target your marketing and focus on valuable customers.

Nurturing existing clients

Existing clients are often overlooked when growth is planned. Nurturing and educating clients can cost-effectively increase turnover.

What our marketing agency offers…

Search Engine Optimisation
Marketing Communications
Identify Market Opportunities
Strength / Weakness Analysis
Marketing Plan Development
Collateral Development
New Market Opportunities
Sales Pathways
Leverage Existing Customer Base
Online Marketing
Competitor Analysis
Facebooks Ads
Digital Marketing
Customer Development
Pay Per Click (PPC)
Social Media Graphics
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