Logo Design

A professionally developed logo can significantly enhance your business and brand by creating a strong, memorable identity. It conveys professionalism and trust, distinguishes you from competitors, and fosters brand recognition. A well-designed logo communicates your values and mission, making a lasting impression on customers and building brand loyalty.

We take the time to understand your expectations and requirements to develop a logo design that works.

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Logo Design for Car Detailer

Logo Design

Why do you need a professionally designed logo for your brand? Logos are the best way for existing and potential clients to recognise your business. They allow for a visual representation of your brand that can be used across various forms of promotional material. Contact us today to discuss developing a new logo or even adjusting and updating an existing logo to suit the needs of your brand.

Graphic Design Features

Brand Development

If you are struggling to form your brand’s identity, we can create strategies to implement your corporate values into your branding. We can design new logos or update existing branding which can be developed into marketing promotional material for your business.

Brand Identity

We can offer advice on how to develop your brand identity, or we can work with you to create new branding materials. Please contact us to discuss the best option for you.

Promotional Material

Using either your current or redeveloped branding, we can create promotional material that will showcase your products or services to the right audiences.

Social Media Development

We can help to develop content for social media profiles, posts and ads. We work with you to develop a plan of the look and feel of your profile or ads which can then be adpated over time.

Logo Development

Sometimes all you need is a refreshed logo that can point you in the right direcion of your brand development. We can help you to develop a new look and feel for your business.

What our design agency offers…

Branding & Re-branding
Brand Identity
Brand Development
Logo Development
Event Identity Design
Corporate Stationary
Business Cards
Packaging Design
Print & Marketing Material
Signage & Wayfinding
Exhibition Displays
Brochures, Flyers & Reports
Books, Magazines & Newsletters
Style Guides
Marketing Collateral
Digital Graphics
Internal Communications
Social Media Graphics

Style Guides

Style guides are the best way to quickly showcase the visual aspects of your brand. This can include corporate colours, logos, and fonts. We can help to develop a style guide for your business.

New Style Guide

If you have recently updated your brand’s identity, we can help to create a style guide with your new visual branding.

Redevelopment Guide

We can incorporate your current branding into a style guide or even redevelop an existing style guide to better illustrate your brand’s identity.

Graphic Design Marketing Collatoral

We can create a variety of marketing materials to promote your business and brand. This can include tranditional brochures, flyers, banners, press adverts or newer digital marketing communications such social media graphics, digital adverts email marketing and more.

Event Brand Materials

We can produce a variety of brand materials for events, such as promotional pull-up banners, or way-finding signs. If you have an event coming up, please contact us to discuss your options.

Digital Communications

Looking for consistent branding across your business? Modern communications are predominatly digital and this medium needs to uphold your brand identity and professionalism.

Frequently Asked Questions…

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is the creative practice of visually communicating ideas or messages through a combination of typography, imagery, color, and layout, often used for branding, advertising, and communication.

What software to Graphic Designers use?

Graphic designers use Adobe software, in particular InDesign for layout, Photoshop for image manipulation, and Illustrator for vector graphics to harness a versatile toolset, ensuring precision, creativity, and diverse design possibilities.

How much does good Graphic Design cost?

The cost of graphic design is pertinent to the project's scope and the designer's experience, ensuring alignment with budget, quality expectations, and achieving the desired creative outcome. So you really need a brief to then get a quote.

What is copyright of design?

Copyright in design refers to the legal protection granted to original creative works, preventing unauthorized reproduction or use without the creator's permission. It safeguards intellectual property rights.

Who owns the Copyright of what I pay for?

This varys between Designers and Agencies. Just because you commission and pay for the work does not mean that Copyright is transferred to you. Make sure you find out this before commencing work. Reward Design transfer copyright upon payment in full for the work completed.

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