Website Design for Riverland Fruit Producer
Social Media Post Design

Jujubenate – Riverland Food Producer of Jujubes

Jujubenate is a family-owned brand that sells Jujubes in both Australia and Canada. Their jujubes have many amazing nutritional benefits that can benefit your general health (over 7x the antioxidant capacity of blueberries!).

We helped Jujubenate by creating branding material for the launch of their fruit into stores and developed a social media plan to boost their brand awareness.

Website Design

We designed the website to match the branding of Jujubenate and reflect the important health benefits of jujubes. We made information clear and concise, with user experience in mind.

Social Media Plan

We formed an 8-week social media plan that included various advertisements and posts across Instagram and Facebook. We also created a range of Instagram stories as ‘Quick Links’ to information about Jujubenate.

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