We created branding, a website, product packaging, and a social media plan for Jujubenate.

About Jujubenate

Jujubenate is a family-owned brand that sells Jujubes in both Australia and Canada. Their unique fruit has many nutritional benefits that can benefit your general health.

We helped Jujubenate to create branding material for the launch of their fruit into stores and developed a social media plan to boost their brand awareness.


Our idea for the branding, of Jujubenate was to create a look and feel to show the fruit can benefit everyone. Using the bright colours of the fruit along with a diverse range of people, we developed a fun, easy-to-recognise look for Jujubenate.

Bold, Bright Colours
Easy to recognise
Branding for Riverland Fruit Producer
Website Design for Riverland Fruit Producer


We wanted the website to incorporate the same bright, bold colours but paired with some softer tones to make the important information pop. Using a soft green, similar to that of the jujube, we were able to make the site match the branding whilst keeping the information easy to read and understand.

Branding incorporated throughout the site
Easy to recognise


For now, we have kept the logo as a simple type style with a bouncy, cursive font that represents the brand. This simple font allowed us to use a variety of colours, images and icons alongside it to help build brand awareness.

Simple, Bouncy Type
Logo Design for Riverland Fruit Producer
Fruit Packaging Design


Like the website, the packaging for the Jujubes needed to be bright, bold, and easy to recognise in-store. Using the same colours and images, we developed a sleeve for Jujubenate’s 900g punnets. This clear punnet would allow the colour of the jujubes to shine through and match with the sleeve we had designed.

Easy to recognise in store
Compliments the colour of the jujubes

Social Media

We wanted the social media posts to reflect the bold, bright colours of the website and packaging, whilst providing useful information about both jujubes and the brand Jujubenate. The mix of photos and graphics allows the viewer to not feel overwhelmed by the information on their page.

Information spread over profile
Consistent branding
Instagram and Facebook Post Designs for Fruit Producer
Instagram and Facebook Ad Designs for Fruit Producer

Social Media Ads

The Facebook and Instagram ads were created to encourage awareness of both the brand Jujubenate, and where to find them in Australia and Canada. The ads had to clearly show off the product whilst also encouraging the user to click on the ad and find a stockist.

Emphasis on the locations
Creating awareness about the stockists of Jujubenate
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