Jim’s Castles

We created a wide range of materials for the Jims Castle Franchise to promote their business and generate leads.

About Jim’s Castles

Jim’s Castles is a franchise for Jumping Castle and Party Hire. There are various franchisors across Australia, and we have developed a wide range of materials for them.

This includes various websites, business cards, trailer and car wraps, Facebook ads, client management systems and email marketing templates.


We developed website designs for various locations of the Jims Castle franchise around Australia such as Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and more.

All of the websites utilise Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to boost their performance to target audiences.

Location based pages across each site
All sites are optimised using SEO
Jim's Jumping Castles franchise website design and development
Jim's Castles Business Card

Business Cards

Based on the website, we developed business cards for the various franchisors to use. The branded design matches the website and other promotional material using their bold, bright colours.

Matches other promotional materials

Trailer and Car Wrap Designs

We have developed a car wrap design for Jim’s Castles that can be adapted for various vehicles, vans or trucks. This matches the same branding of the website, and other promotional material.

We have also created vehicle signage for the trailers that can be purchased by new franchisees. These themed trailers match the same look and feel, using their bright bold colours.

Clear, easy to recognise branding
Mockups for Franchise Vehicle Signage Jim's Castles
Business Consulting - Project Management for Leads and Enquries

Client Management System

Trello is a Project Management System (PMS) that we configured into a client management system (CMS) allowing the Castles team to track leads for potential franchisees. This system automatically adds enquiries from the website or Facebook ads to Trello, which the Castles team then

This system also integrates with Mailchimp to send out automated welcome and reminder emails to leads that have not responded to the Castles team in a given time frame.

Integrated website, lead mangement and email marketing

Facebook Ads

We created a range of Facebook ad campaigns with a wide range of graphics to target different audiences across Queensland and New South Wales.

We regularly perform updates and analyse the performance of the adverts for the Castles team, to ensure they are receiving the right kind of leads.

Targeted location based adverts
Digital Marketing - Facebook Ad Design

Other Promotional Materials

Some other promotional materials we have created for Jim’s Castles include a banner for use at franchisee training and magnets for franchisees to hand out after a job.

These both match the bright Castles branding used across all other materials.

Showcasing the bright castles brand
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