Important Google Analytics Updates

There is a new Google Analytics update for users to consider before 1 July 2023.

Google Analytics

About the Google Analytics Update

Google Analytics has been operating as Google Universal Analytics since 2012 and is used to analyse online user behavior and turn it into useful data. Google has decided to update it and phase out Universal Analytics by 1 July 2023. The new and improved version will be Google Analytics 4, and users of Universal Analytics will need to set up a new Google Analytics 4 property to begin collecting data.

What is the difference between Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4?

Universal Analytics utilises ‘hit’ data such as page hits, social interaction hits, and eCommerce hits to turn user information and behavior into useful data. The new Google Analytics 4 will utilise the idea of ‘events’ where each interaction can be captured as an event.

Universal Analytics = Hits-based
Google Analytics 4 = Events-based

What should I do? How do I set up a Google Analytics 4 Property?

If you currently utilise Google Analytics for your business, Google has recommended that you begin collecting data through the new Google Analytics 4 service and a new property will need to be set up. You will still be able to create and access data from your Universal Analytics properties but this will be limited from 1 July 2023.

Whilst you will still be able to access your previous data from Universal Analytics after 1 July 2023, it will stop processing hits. It is important to make the move to Google Analytics 4 and export your historical reports well before the 1 July 2023 cut-off date.

How is Reward Design involved?

If we built your website then there is a high chance we installed Google Analytics exiting code in your websites. In order to update to Analytics 4 we need to replace the existing code with the new code. We would also recommend whist in your website backend that we make updates the themes and plugins where applicable.

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