Web Security

Why do I need web security? Why is it important?

About Security for Web

Ensuring your site is secure is an important part of web development. It ensures your site remains safe and can prevent hackers from accessing private or sensitive information or using your site to deliver spam or malware.

Why do I need to make sure my site is secure?

Web security is important, not only for your business but for your customers. Ensuring your site is safe and set up correctly from the beginning is a crucial part of web development.

There are a number of security options that can be implemented depending on your requirements. By default we install basic security, but we highly recommend elevating your protection at site and server level and effective site backup solutions.

If you are unsure if your site is secure, contact us to discuss the best options for your site’s security.

Keeps your business’s information safe
Keeps your customer’s information safe
Stops hackers from installing viruses/spam
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