Design & Marketing Projects May 2024

View some of our recent design and marketing projects, each of which involves a variety of our services. If you see anything of interest, please contact us to start your next project!


Jujubenate is a family-owned brand that sells Jujubes in both Australia and Canada. Their jujubes have many amazing nutritional benefits that can benefit your general health (over 7x the antioxidant capacity of blueberries!).

We helped Jujubenate by creating branding material for the launch of their fruit into stores and developed a social media plan to boost their brand awareness.

Branding & Logo Design

We developed branding for Jujubenate that would make them stand out in the fruit section of supermarkets.

Website Design

We designed the website to match the branding of Jujubenate and reflect the important health benefits of jujubes. We made information clear and concise, with user experience in mind.


We developed sleeves and labels for the jujube punnets. This included one design for Australia and a second design for Canada that includes a French translation.

Social Media Plan

We formed an 8-week social media plan that included various advertisements and posts across Instagram and Facebook. We also created a range of Instagram stories as ‘Quick Links’ to information about Jujubenate.

Pink Carat Jewellers

Pink Carat are custom manufacturing jewellers based in Unley. Specialising in creating hand-made pieces, their team produce a wide range of jewellery.

We redeveloped Pink Carat’s website to make the site look clean and professional, showcasing their wide range of skills.

Website Redevelopment

We redeveloped Pink Carat’s existing website to create a clean, and easy to navigate site optimised for search engines. The site showcases the wide range of services they provide as custom manufacturing jewellers.

Social Media Ads

Following the development of their website, we created a range of Facebook/Instagram ads for the various services Pink Carat provide. We also developed landing pages on the website for some of the ads.


Regional Development Australia Murraylands and Riverland (RDAMR) is a peak body representing communities from the Murraylands and Riverland.

Having created their website 6 years ago, the site was due for a refresh and with the new brand guidelines from RDA, this gave us a new look and feel for the site. The new site is much cleaner and features the brand colours and shapes, along with lots of pictures to show off the region.

Website Redevelopment

We developed a new look and feel for the RDAMR website based on the brand guidelines from RDA. This enabled us to make their existing content more interactive and engaging, whilst still looking clean and professional.

Jobs Board Platform

As part of the new website redevelopment, we created a Jobs Board to be used by the Murrylands and Riverland local community. Employers and Job Seekers get access to a database of either employees or job listings.

The platform permits users to upload relevant information to their listing or application, allowing employers and job seekers to self-manage their own requirements.

A5 Publication Design

Genealogy SA

Genealogy SA are a volunteer-run organisation that are the state’s leading resource for family history. They make a publication every quarter in the form of an A5 book.

We helped them for their April edition to collate various images and stories from the public. The layout was based on their previous publications, however, we helped to tidy up their document ready for print.

Traditional Publication Type Setting

Using Geneology’s existing layout, we helped to tidy up the publication by providing a traditional publication type setting across the document. This helped to give the publication a cleaner, professional look and feel.

NECA Roadshow 2024

The NECA Roadshow is an annual event held by NECA and a variety of sponsors in the industry. They have a schedule of shows across the state to present the community with the latest industry practices and standards.

We have had the privilege of developing the NECA Roadshow theme for a number of years. This year we created their normal event branding along with a brand new website that allows for registrations and gives attendants access to exclusive downloads upon attending each seminar.

Event Branding

We created a registration form, flyer, social media posts, PowerPoint slide headers, an Eventbrite banner and an EDM banner for the 2024 Roadshow. These all matched the event theme for this year.

Website with hidden pages

We developed a new website for the Roadshow, that integrates with Eventbrite to take registrations for each seminar event. We also created a hidden page that can only be accessed by scanning the QR code on the flyer presented to attendees upon arrival at each seminar. On this page, attendees can view and download the various event materials, and bookmark it for future use.


Ozora are an electrical and renewable energy company that provides a range of electrical and solar services for both commercial and residential properties.

We helped to develop their website utilising their new branding, making sure it looked clean and professional whilst being optimised for search engines.

Optimised for Search Engines

We made sure to utilise basic SEO techniques to help boost Ozora’s ranking and generate traffic to the site. This included a range of location pages targeted at cities around Australia.

Facebook and Instagram Ads for Brightsparks


Brightsparks Performing Arts Studio is based in North Sydney and offers a variety of singing, acting and musical theatre classes for kids aged 7-16.

Having built their website, we helped Brightsparks to develop a range of Instagram and Facebook adverts to boost class enrollments. This also included the development of landing pages for certain ads.

Facebook/Instagram Ads

Utilising the branding we developed for the Brightsparks website, we created a range of adverts for two of the classes Brightsparks offer. We also created a generic brand awareness ad to be used simultaneously with the two class-specific ads.

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