Design Projects 04-23

View some of our recent design projects up to April 2023, each of which involves a variety of our services.

If you are interested in any of our design projects, please contact us to find out more!

Jims Jumping Castle and Party Hire Queensland

Jim’s Castles offers opportunities for franchisees to build their own successful side-hustle business, and work flexible weekend hours. We developed a variety of Facebook ads to promote their Franchisee recruitment.

Along with this promotional material, we developed an automated Project Management System for new enquiries, coupled with an automated mailing system. This allows the Castles team to streamline the process of manging leads.

Facebook Ads

Created a variety of Facebook ad campaigns with a wide range of graphics to target different audiences. Analysis of advert types as well as A-B testing to identify engagement motivations for refinements of adverts and advert targeting.

Trello – Project Management System (PMS)

Trello is Project Management System (PMS) not a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM), however we have configured it to work like a CRM in a variety of ways. It allows for Leads/Enquiries to be tracked and progressed through a workflow that is customised for the needs of your business.

For Jim’s Castles, we developed a system where new leads from the website or Facebook are added automatically to Trello and are assigned team members and labels to categorise the type of enquiry.

These Leads are taken through the detailed, customised workflow system that allows the Castles team to keep track of all enquiries and where they have come from.

Automated Mailing System

Set up branded email templates with automated customer journeys using Mailchimp. New leads automatically receive a welcome email. They will also receive a variety of follow-up emails if they do not respond to the Castles team within a certain time frame.

Australasian Nursing and Midwifery Clinical Trial Network (ANMCTN)

The ANMCTN is a collaborative hub for Nurse and Midwife led research. Their membership offers access to exclusive news, webinars, events, and seminars.

We rebuilt their website with a new look and feel. This also included the development of their membership database. We also created a promotional brochure for the network to distribute among their community.

To build their reach to other healthcare professionals, we developed a company Linkedin page that can be used to promote various ANMCTN community news.

Website Redesign

We redeveloped the ANMCTN website to have a fresh new look, and cohesive branding, along with a members-only access area.

Membership Database

The ANMCTN website’s extensive membership database was updated and improved for data collation and to provide members-only website access. The database can be exported to develop reporting for the network.

Promotional Brochure

Developed a promotional brochure that can be distributed amongst the network. This matches the updated website branding.

Company Linkedin

Set up a Linkedin Company page for ANMCTN to promote community news, events, and opportunities.

Car Care Kings

Car Care Kings is a professional car detailing start-up that offers a variety of services. This includes full interior and exterior detailing, protective coatings, and maintenance plans.

We developed a cohesive marketing suite, including a logo, website, promotional brochure, and business card for Caleb.

Logo Design

The Care Care Kings Logo can be used across various promotional materials.

Website Design

We developed a one-page website to showcase the services and pricing of Car Care Kings.

Promotional Brochure

These flyers can be handed out to existing clients or can be left in various shops to encourage new customers to make a booking.

Business Cards

Like the brochure, these cards can be handed out to potential or existing clients. We also included a section for ‘Next Appointment’ where Caleb can write on the business card to make it easy for clients to remember their next booking.

ARIIA Conference – Facing the Future

ARIIA’s 2023 Conference for Facing the Future: Aged Care 2030 & Beyond is an opportunity for innovators and futurists to meet and network with those who want to make a real impact for positive aging.

We worked in collaboration with LAAD Creative (creative graphical elements) to develop various promotional materials for the conference. This includes the conference website and social media graphics to promote the event through Facebook.

Conference Website Design

We developed a one-page website to showcase the conference schedule, keynote/think-tank speakers, ticket sales, and other conference updates.

Social Media Graphics

We created Facebook posts for ARIIA to promote their event using social media.

Overall Maintenance and Repairs

Overall Maintenance and Repairs offers a variety of general maintenance services including house painting, gardening, pressure washing, and end-of-lease cleaning.

We helped the client to bring their logo vision to life with logo design, business card, and trailer design to promote their services.

Logo & Business Card Design

The client had an illustration developed that we then developed a logo and business card from to represent the duo behind Overall Maintenance and Repairs – Jimmy and Katrina.

Trailer Design

One of the main parts of the business is its company trailer. We created a promotional design for the trailer to match their logo and branding.

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