Australian Domain Changes

There are new Australian domain updates (.au variant) that may affect your business.

About the Changes

Australian users have until 20 September 2022 to gain priority allocation of the .au domain name that matches their site and existing domain. Existing users have been given priority to register for a .au equivalent before 20 September. After this date, if it has not been purchased the .au domain will become available to the general public.

What are the benefits of seeking priority allocation of the .au Domain?

If you don’t purchase the .au domain, it could give the general public access to purchase your domain with the .au. This could provide an opportunity for fraud.

Whilst it is not necessary, the Australian Cyber-Security Centre (ACSC) is recommending that existing domain users utilise the priority allocation process to prevent this from happening.

A few other things to consider…

Nothing changes with your current domain(s) and they will still run, function and opperate as per normal.

There are many different domain kinds such as; .net, .info, .tech, .store, .online plus many more. The .au is just another domain variant that is more relevant to Australia.

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